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Hair Stylist Tattoo Ideas


Are you seeking a hair stylist tattoo idea that represents your love of career and hairstyling? Whether you already have a few ideas or nowhere to start, the same advice holds true for planning a tattoo as it does for planning a new hair cut or color. Flip through magazines for inspiration, find a tattoo placement that suits the design in size, scale and curvature, and spend the most time seeking the right artist for the job. Some tattooists will specialize in different types of art styles, so it helps to narrow your choices first by getting to know the style that most appeals to you. Do you fancy traditional tattoos or have a fondness for black and grey designs? The following suggestions for hair stylist tattoo ideas can be incorporated into almost any art style you choose.

1. Shears

Image Courtesy Anne Sweenger@Flick
Scissors are a very fitting choice for a hair stylist tattoo idea. Many hairdressers opt for this popular tattoo design and even incorporate small intricate details to make the shears ornate or Victorian inspired. Hand, chest, wrist and the arm make appropriate placement spots for a scissor tattoo.

2. Styling Tools and Products

Grease is the word. Hair styling tools and pomades such as a hair comb or styling paste are other design ideas that work for hairdressers. If you like quality styling tools, you could also tattoo professional brushes and combs from some of them most prominent brushmakers in the industry such as Mason Pearson or Spornette.

3. Portraits

If you are into movie scenes you could tattoo a realistic Edward Scissorhands portrait for a unique hairstylist tattoo or opt for a fairy tale influence and tattoo Rapunzel. Designs such as these work best on larger spots such as the back, across the chest or on the sides of the body.

4. Pin-Ups

Imagine a sexy vixen sitting on top of a blow dryer's barrel or even at the vanity primping. A pin-up tattoo is a very popular choice for hairdressers. Flirty details and her diva-like ways make a pin-up girl a sexy and daily muse for your job!

5. Trendy Designs

One of the greatest perks of being a hair stylist is the creative license and freedom of self-expression. You can go over the top with trends and wear them well and it's expected in this career that you will have fashion-forward thinking. So why not go with a few trends if they also suit you personally? Feather tattoos, verse tattoos and dreamcatchers are just a few hairstylist ideas you can get tangled up in for inspiration.

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