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The Roots of Tree Tattoos

Explore 3 Popular Tree Tattoo Designs


The top 3 styles of tree tattoos can help you narrow down your search and root your design ideas for a earthly tattoo design.

Tree tattoos have plenty of significance and bear many different meanings in various cultures and religions throughout the world.

Both masculine and feminine, tree tattoos are also a rather timeless choice that will most likely age gracefully on the body. Consider how a tree looks natural and rugged as it weathers to appreciate their universal beauty and symbolism of life.

A tree tattoo makes a fine choice for large placement areas such as the rib cage, back and shoulders. Trees look all the more delicate in a small and cascading design such as a single branch serving as an anklet, foot or hip tattoo.

You can add color and interest to a tree tattoo by adding flowers, vines and birds or keep it barren with dark and lonely branches. You can also create a fantasy tattoo design by adding butterflies or gnarled faces into the trunk of your tree and set it in a dark and whimisical background.

The following top 3 styles of tree tattoos are a natural place to start for design inspiration. Whether you seek a symbol of life, earth or sexual liberation, these trees cover all the branches.

1. Tree of Life Tattoo

A tree of life tattoo is a permanent way to honor your life roots and ties. From early ancestors to just immediate loved ones, you can symbolize the strength of union with a tree of life tattoo. Not just for family, tree of life tattoos represent the connection between heaven and earth. Interpretations of the tree of life vary from the life-sustaining trunk of the Baobab tree to celtic oak trees, Native American cedar branches and mythology inspired olive and fig branches.

2. Celtic Tree Tattoo

Rich in symbolism and history, Celtic inspired tree tattoos can greatly vary in meaning and significance and aren't limited to traditional Celtic knot designs. The Celtics believed trees to be spiritual and bridging of the gap between heaven and earth. The trunk of a tree is exposed on the earthly plain, whereas tree roots travel the underworld as branches reach to the heavens. While a twisted knotty trunk with connected branches is a classic Celtic tree tattoo design, you can add symbolic birds, fish and insects to a twisted trunk to create a truly fantastical and eerie Celtic tattoo.

3. Cherry Blossom Tattoo

Cherished and loved for their brief and beautiful representation of life, cherry blossom tattoos make a lovely rib cage design if you're ready for a big piece. They also look nice on shoulder blades, arms and feet. Serving as a path of enlightenment in Buddhist beliefs and representing a sexual dominance and lure in Chinese culture, men can toughen up their cherry blossom flower tattoo with a geisha, dragon or tiger. Women can add to the cherry blossom tattoo beauty with Old School swallow birds or poetic verses that celebrate life.

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